Program Description

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Nutrition Facts labels underwent a makeover in 2016, which improved design and content. The FDA updated the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods and drinks to reflect advances in nutritional science, consumer use and understanding, and shifts in American dietary choices and eating patterns. As a result, the modernized Nutrition Facts label helps consumers easily locate the specific nutrient information that drives better-informed food choices.

Join us for this hands-on and in-depth study of the significant changes to the Nutrition Facts label to achieve and ensure ongoing compliance, including:

  • The type of information required to substantiate particular Nutrition Facts label declarations
  • How to perform the requisite background calculations
  • The scope of mandatory recordkeeping and how to comply
  • Metric measures and their expanded use by the FDA
  • Revised Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs) and Daily Reference Values (DRVs), including new values for children 1 to 3 years of age
  • The FDA’s definition of an added sugar and the new definition of dietary fiber
  • Alignment with the FDA’s evolving nutrition policy
Program Benefits

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the format and content changes to the new Nutrition Facts label
  • Identify and differentiate the metric measures used on the Nutrition Facts label
  • Perform the new background calculation requirements and Daily Reference Value changes for fat, total carbohydrates, added sugars, sodium and dietary fiber
  • Discuss revisions to the RDIs for micronutrients, to the DRVs for sodium and macronutrients, and to the serving size
  • Outline and discuss the newly-enforced recordkeeping requirements
  • Identify the steps you need to take to maintain compliance
Who Should Attend
  • Certification Managers
  • Chefs
  • Dietician/Nutritionist
  • Food Agents and/or Brokers
  • Food Importers/Exporters
  • Food Safety & Quality Personnel
  • Food Service Personnel
  • Graphic Designers of Food Labels
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Packaging Engineers/Developers
  • Owners/Operations of Food Business
  • Product Development/R&D/Food Technologists
  • Production Managers/Supervisors
  • QA/QC Personnel
  • Regulatory Authorities & Personnel
  • Sales and Marketing

NSF is committed to accommodating the learning requirements of all of our stakeholders. If you require special assistance for any reason, please contact one week prior to your class.

On-Site Training

This course is available as an onsite offering. Please email us for a quote.