Program Description

Join us for a complimentary eLearning Demo Course. This eLearning Demo Course introduces you to 4 programs:

  1. HealthGuardTM - Certified Food Protection Manager Preparatory Course
  2. GMP Refresher
  3. HACCP Refresher
  4. Principles of Internal Auditing

Each course module represents one course. You can visit each of the four courses, or choose to look at only one or two. They will provide you a glimpse of:

  • What you can expect to learn
  • How our courses are structured
  • How you can get the most out of the programs

To access the eLearning Demo, simply click on the Register button and follow the instructions. The program is free to everyone, and we will not ask you for your credit card number.

Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the training course through NSF’s eLearning portal. This is the same process you would follow should you choose to enroll in any of our eLearning programs. Please note that an email address is required for registration and to receive the login instructions.

We hope you enjoy the experience.