Onsite & Customized Training

NSF Training and Education Services’ Onsite and Customized training programs are delivered to your team by our expert technical trainers, either virtually or face-to-face. We can develop a brand new training program specifically for your needs, or we can customize any of our existing training programs from our course offerings inventory. For all onsite and customized programs we work with your unique learning goals, schedule and budget to develop and deliver a program specific to you.

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What is Virtual Team Training?

Virtual team training are synchronous webinars, allowing learner groups to come together online at the same time to focus on specific learning objectives. Delivery options include:

  • A single instructor-led webinar
  • A series of connected instructor-led webinars, delivered over time, that together form a complete course
  • A set of instructor-led webinars focused on different but related topics  

Benefits of virtual team training:

  • Online training delivered by an expert in the field
  • Ability for team members who are separated geographically to meet online and learn as a team
  • Scheduled deliveries, giving you the flexibility to fit training into your daily operations

What is Onsite Training?

We come to you to deliver one of our current public programs. All learners receive relevant course materials and a course certificate upon successful completion of the training program.

Benefits of onsite training:

  • No travel time or costs
  • Training for your team only
  • Scheduled at a time that suits your business timeline
  • More cost-effective than sending multiple employees to a public offering of the program

What is Customized Training?

We develop a training program that is tailored to your business and your team. We can:

  • Adapt an existing program to reflect your products and operations
  • Create a new course focused on your unique learning goals and specific job roles
  • Develop a comprehensive suite of IACET-accredited training programs to grow your workforce capabilities

Or we can do anything in between.  

Benefits of customized training:

In addition to the benefits of onsite training, choosing a customized option gives you:

  • A streamlined curriculum that incorporates case studies and exercises pertinent to your team’s actual work environment
  • Expert technical trainers specialized in your sector
  • Brand integration that promotes your company’s commitment to continuous learning, improvement and growth

Knowledge Retention and Training Reinforcement Program

Launched at the conclusion of the training course, this reinforcement program is a series of micro-learning sessions

(1-3 minutes each) sent to the learner’s mobile device or computer two to three times per week. Brief reinforcement messages, situational assessments and quiz questions are designed to increase knowledge retention, reinforce learning and support behavior change over time.  

Benefits of a knowledge retention and training reinforcement program:

  • Micro-learning experiences which build on knowledge gained during training
  • Engaging, interactive and fun way to test learner knowledge and apply new skills
  • Reports and dashboard metrics on training impact and behavioral response over time

The options are diverse and you can blend them to create the learning approach that suits the specific goals of your company. The greatest value in choosing any of these options? Training becomes a corporate tool to build knowledge, increase consistency and efficiency in your operations, and improve employee commitment to your company. And that is always good for your bottom line.

Contact us to learn more about our training solutions. Our team of programming, technical and instructional design experts will work directly with you to determine the best option for your organization.

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