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Program Description

All virtual training is delivered in Eastern Time (ET).

This course is available for Private Team Training; groups of ten or more participants recommended for training to be cost-effective. Please email us for a quote.

Day 1: Knowledge Exchange
Day 2: Practicum

Attendees will need to complete the NEW CANADIAN NUTRITION LABELLING PRACTICUM 2020 assignment on their own time prior to the live online practicum review session.

This two-part virtual, instructor-led training program on Canadian nutrition labelling under the authority of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA covers regulatory modernizations affecting the future of nutrition labelling included:

  • The first part focuses on knowledge exchange, where attendees are introduced to and walked through nutrition labelling requirements and may ask questions.
  • The second part is a live online practicum where, as a group, we review the assignments introduced in part one (completed individually). The practicum focuses on knowledge and skills in setting up a compliant Nutrition Facts table (NFt) and includes an open Q&A session.

This program covers fundamental nutrition labelling requirements. The content is framed around the new nutrition labelling rules that are currently set to come into full force on December 14, 2021.

The training provides a better appreciation of Canadian nutrition labelling compliance considerations from principally a federal viewpoint, with focus on the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. The discussion includes new nutrition formats, daily values, serving sizes, etc.

Nutrition labelling has a lot of moving parts that can amplify errors. Small technical errors are not uncommon. We want to avoid all errors, especially those that pose a more significant compliance concern. At the end of the program attendees should feel more comfortable and competent in how to approach nutrition labelling challenges.

This course is an ideal introduction to Canadian nutrition labelling.

Program Benefits

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Be more confident with nutrition labelling
  • Select a proper NFt (Nutrition Facts table) format
  • Understand available display surface (ADS) and its influence in selecting a proper NFt size format
  • Appreciate external influences like ingredient and claims on structing the content of an NFt
  • Be confident in selecting a proper serving size
  • Better appreciate resources that help in setting up a compliant NFt

Training Topics:


  • Roles and responsibilities of CFIA and Health Canada
  • Federal government food regulatory structure
  • Modernization overview
  • Important definitions such as available display surface, dietary fibre, serving of stated size, daily values, etc.


  • Introduction to some essential compliance resources and how to use them more effectively
  • Better appreciation of the many documents incorporated by reference


  • What foods are required to declare an NFt
  • Prepackaged foods versus non-prepackaged foods
  • What foods are exempt


  • Location on ADS (available display surface)
  • Grouping or no grouping
  • May be on bottom panel, under some conditions
  • Orientation


  • Format for various age groups
  • Standard NFt formats
  • Selecting size formats based on 15% ADS rule
  • Unique considerations for foods for enterprise and institutions
  • Simplified format iterations
  • Alternative methods for the display of the NFt
  • A note on tags
  • Additional information in the NFt
  • Nutrition information for non-prepackaged food
  • Non NFt formats for nutrition information
  • Serving sizes, single serving versus multiple serving
  • Inside the NFt:
    • General formatting
    • Type height and line spacing
    • Colour
    • Line and bars
  • Basis of information in the NFt
  • NFt triggers
  • Special considerations like small packages and foods with few nutrients
  • Daily values and calculations
  • Rounding values
Who Should Attend
  • Food Inspectors
  • Food Safety & Quality Consultants
  • Food Safety Personnel
  • Food Scientists
  • Food Service Personnel
  • Food Technologists
  • Global Food Safety Personnel
  • HACCP Personnel
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Inspectors
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Nutritionist
  • Owners/Operations of Food Business
  • Plant Managers/Supervisors
  • Product Development Personnel
  • Production Managers/Supervisors
  • Public Health Inspectors
  • R&D Personnel
  • Regulatory Authorities & Personnel
Program Partners

NSF is committed to accommodating the learning requirements of all of our stakeholders. If you require special assistance for any reason, please contact nsflearn@nsf.org one week prior to your class.

Private Team Training

This course is available for Private Team Training; groups of ten or more participants recommended for training to be cost-effective. Please email us for a quote.